About Us


Our Mission


The Z-Cares Foundation mission is to create pro-active communities who; Enable teens who suffer from anxiety to reach out for help and resources and Enable community members to reach in with resources and support.  Z-Cares strives to end the stigma associated with mental health while creating a shared understanding among teens and adults it is ‘ok to not be ok.’ 

Z-Cares will accomplish this mission through partnerships with schools, youth clubs and other youth organizations to encourage a continued conversation about anxiety.


Our Board of Directors

Executive Board

Steve Nimmo, President

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Mannie Nimmo, Co-President

Pleasanton Unified School District

Samantha Nimmo, Vice President


Laurie Walker-Whiteland, Treasurer

Walker Family Trust

Raquel Lozares, Secretary

Retired Police Officer


Board of Directors

Scilla Andreen / CEO IndieFlix

Theresa Sherry / CEO Tenacity Project

Steve McCoy Thompson / PPIE 

Heather Guidice / L'Oreal

Alex Guidice / Apple, Inc

Karin Gornick / IndieFlix

Michael Gallagher / RR Donnelley

Ken Nimmo / HSBC