Welcome to the Z-Cares Initiative

Youth Mental Health First Aid Training


Mental Health First Aid® is an 8­-hour national certification course that is designed to teach the layperson the skills to recognize the signs of a mental health or substance use disorder crisis, identify community resources, and link individuals in need of treatment and support to the proper resources. An in-person skills ­based course, Mental Health First Aid® teaches participants a 5­-step action plan that can be used to help those in need. 

Z-Cares Trainers, certified by the National Council for Behavioral Health, will provide training to youth organizations to create better awareness and strategies around youth mental health.

'It's CPR for Mental Health!'

Z-Cares Screenings of Angst


Z-Cares Foundation, in partnership with IndieFlix Foundation hosts screenings of the documentary Angst.   Angst is an IndieFlix Original, documentary designed to raise awareness around anxiety.  The film includes interviews with kids, teens, educators, experts, parents and a very special interview with Michael Phelps.

Community Angst Screening and Panel Discussion:

Community screenings of the IndieFlix Original, Angst, to create awareness of anxiety and start a meaningful conversation through the film and post film panel discussion.

Staff Angst Screening

Angst screening for youth organization staff and following discussion to prepare staff to lead meaningful conversations.

Specified Angst Screening

Angst screening for the youth of the organization broken down by specified group to create initial awareness of anxiety,

Z-Cares Accompany Discussion Guides


Z-Cares Foundation discussion guides are designed to bring meaningful conversation into the youth organization, home and peer to peer interactions.  These guides are perfect accompany tools for screenings of Angst.

Home Discussion Guides

Guided topics of discussion for Angst audience participants designed for parents / guardians and teens to conduct meaningful conversations at home.

Leader Driven Discussion Guides

Youth discussions lead by youth organization staff on guided topics based on topics from Angst.

Peer Driven Discussion Guides

Youth led discussion on guided topics about anxiety to foster meaningful conversations between peers,

Community Discussion Guides

Guided conversation led by youth organization staff with community members in a coffee talk format to follow up on program activities,

Pre / Post Program Surveys


Pre-Program survey to gain a baseline of current state of the youth organization in terms of awareness and ability to foster meaningful conversations.

Post-Program surveys allow the youth organization to determine improvements made through program utilization.

Program Follow-Up


2-6 month interview and follow up with youth organization on progress since program completion to ensure meaningful conversations continue