Volume 5: COVID-19 Special Edition

 In this episode, Sam talks with Dr. Mark Reinecke of Child Mind Institute via Zoom video. Sam talks to Dr. Reinecke about reducing stress, advice for parents, balance with physical distancing, a silver lining and more 

Volume 4: Caty's Journey

In this episode, Sam talks with Caty.  A great story showing you don't have to follow a traditional path to find hope. 

Volume 3: Meet Dee

Sam sits down with one of Zachary's Best friends as he shares his own stories of anxiety and how he copes.

Volume 2: Ali's Story

Sam talks with Ali who shares her inspirational story coping with Anxiety.

Volume 1: Introduction


Introducing a new weekly feature "to see real people and how they deal with their anxiety" says Z-Cares Vice President Sam Nimmo.

Volume 1 now available as Sam shares her own thoughts about the Z-Cares Initiative.