Creative Coping Toolkit

From Filmmaker, IndieFlix CEO & Co-Founder Scilla Andreen and Illustrator Jerrin Padre comes a book to help people of all ages talk about their feelings, connect with friends and family and to nurture an empathetic community; be it at home, school or work. Order it to reserve your copy today.


Angst Movie Resources

This site contains resources from Angst movie including comments questions, finding a therapist, more helpful sites and much more.

Child Mind Institute

This site is full of resources, research and information and is dedicated to transforming children's lives

Anxiety Disorders Association of America

This website includes an anxiety self-test for teens to fill our and take to a health professional.  Click on "Teens! Take an Anxiety Disorders Self-Test."

Anxiety Disorders Message Board

This site provides questionnaires on panic attacks, generalized anxiety, social anxiety, depression, OCD, and PTSD.

Anxiety Panic Attack Resources

The Anxiety Panic Attack Resource Site provides information pertaining to a variety of treatments and resources

Mental Health America

Visit Mental Health America's site for information on mental health, getting help, and taking action.

National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare

To locate menatl health and addiction treatment facilities in your community, use the Find a Provider feature on the National Council's website.

National Institute of Mental Health

This website has a wealth of information and research on anxiety disorders.