Free Screening of Angst 11-7

Join us November 7 for a special tribute screening of Angst at the Bankhead Theater in Livermore.  Featuring the film producer and an expert panel.

Comedian Regina Stoops will open the show, reminding us the power of comedy as a coping tool.


 Your generous contributions help fund programs that help educate, advocate and reduce stigma for our youth.  


A variety of resources to answer questions and provide more information related to anxiety disorders


See upcoming Z-Cares sponsored events, Youth Mental Health First Aid trainings and scheduled programs

Z-Cares Mission


The Z-Cares Foundation mission is to create pro-active communities who; Enable teens who suffer from anxiety to reach out for help and resources and Enable community members to reach in with resources and support.  Z-Cares strives to end the stigma associated with mental health while creating a shared understanding among teens and adults it is ‘ok to not be ok.’ 

Z-Cares will accomplish this mission through partnerships with schools, youth clubs and other youth organizations to encourage a continued conversation about anxiety.