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Producers of Movies that matter, including Angst.

Thank you for standing up with 


Angst Movie


Angst is an IndieFlix Original, documentary designed to raise awareness around anxiety and a center piece of the Z-Cares Initiative

Our Supporters

Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center - Bankhead Theater


Offering a broad range of arts opportunities and experiences to engage the community.

Thank you for hosting Angst to support our community!

Crosswinds Church


Providing opportunities for individuals to take the next step in their spiritual journey.

Thank you for supporting Z-Cares in our journey.

Ogden Costa Creative Group


Ogden Costa is dedicated to helping businesses succeed

Thank you for helping create the Z-Cares Brand

Walker Family Trust


Supporting our communities youth to build a better future.

Thank you for supporting Z-Cares mission

#standUP Community


Thank you to everyone who supported our 2019 #standUP campaign raising $16,852 for Zachary's 16th birthday

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Steve, Mannie and Samantha Nimmo

Ken & Robin Nimmo

Karin Gornick

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Bruce Gray

Walker Family Trust

Maskateer Charitable Corporation

David and Laura Miller Family Foundation

Ingram Family Charitable Fund

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Lisa DeBartolo

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Kelly O'League Dulka

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 Nathan Weiss 

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