Finding Resources - Where to begin

Question: Where can families begin to find mental health resources when so many providers are wait listed?

Our panel discusses options

Anxiety Warning Signs

Question: What are the warning signs parents can look for in their teen?  What do you look for in your conversations with teens?

Dr. Flanzbaum, Pediatrician, addresses the question

Teen Hormones vs. Anxiety

Question: How do parents tell the difference between teen hormones, mild anxiety and an anxiety disorder?

Dr. Flanzbaum, Pediatrician, shares his thoughts

What Parents Need to Know

Question: What message do you want to leave with parents?

Our young adult / teen share their thoughts

What Teens Need to Know

Question: What message do you want to leave with teens?

Our Panel shares their thoughts

A Story of Courage

Question: Can you share your story of dealing with Anxiety?

A young adult shares her story

Open up about anxiety

Question: How are you able to be open about your anxiety?

A young adult continues her story

High School Seniors

Question: as a senior in high school can you talk a bit about the stress of college apps, sports, life etc. and how parents can be helpful?

A High School Senior speaks

Anxiety and young Adults

Question: Can you talk about Anxiety from the stand point of a young adult?

High School Alum Talks


Question: What are the dangers of "self-medicating"  while dealing with an anxiety disorder?

Dr. Flanzbaum, Pediatrician, explains

What Can Parents Do

Question: How can parents better support their kids who may be struggling with an anxiety disorder?

Scilla Andreen, Executive Producer of Angst, explains